Lismer Hall Seat Sale

Lismer Hall where each and every one of us have sat in for assemblies, musical and drama productions, graduation and award ceremonies to mention a few. 50 years- that’s a long time and a lot of wear. The Hall has had some renovations in recent years, thanks to Principal June Stavropoulos, a new garnet main curtain, new black teasers and flies, new grey carpet and sound system. Now it’s time for the part that gets the most wear- the seats- a turn for renewal. The seats will get new garnet cushions and refurbishing of the wooden arms and back.

In order to raise the funds to do this, Humberside is having a “seat sale”. Any contribution is welcome and greatly appreciated and for a gift of $200 or more you can have a plaque on the seat back with your name and a few words, for example, “Generously donated by…for/in memory of….” The hope is to start to recover and replace the seats this summer when school is out and hope to have the seats sold by June.

To Make a Contribution Go to:   HERE

This will bring you to the Friends of Humberside site which has charitable foundation status. Click Donate Now. Fill in your donation amount. In the Fund Destination drop-down menu choose “Lismer Hall Rejuvenation”. In the message box please
write in Lismer Hall Seat Sale and, if you donate $200 or more, write in what you want engraved on the seat plaque (up to 40 characters). Alternatively you could make out a cheque to Friends of Humberside C.I. with Lismer Hall Seat Sale in the note
line and drop it off in the main office of the school. Tax receipts will be issued for donations over $25.

To quote Janet Keele, former head of the music department:
“I think that the memories we share of the happy, sometimes sad, exciting, sometimes stressful, but always memorable times we spent in the auditorium and environs are part of the reason that we have kept in touch over the years. We all cemented lifelong friendships in that auditorium and the surrounding halls and classrooms. The Music Wing was and remains a very special place”.