Class of 1983 Reunion Scheduled!

Hello, members of the Class of ‘83!

It is hard to believe that it has been 35 years since we graduated from Humberside!!  Those of you who were able to attend Humberside’s 125th Anniversary weekend in October or the highly successful Class of 1983 reunions in 2013 and 2008, will be able to attest to how little time seems to have passed and how much fun it is to reconnect and compare memories of high school.  What struck me as most interesting is to meet each other as adults with a variety of life experiences and yet to still be able to see the people we were at such an early stage of life.

Whether you have kept in touch with people in our class or not, I hope you will consider coming out to the 35th Reunion on June 2, 2018, from 7 pm to Midnight at The High Park Curling Club.  As in past years, we have managed to keep the cost of the event to $40 per person which includes the cost of the venue, food, and sundries.  If we have enough people, we will also be able to include drink tickets for the bar.

In order to determine if we have enough people interested to run this event and for planning purposes, we need to ask you to sign up and pay in advance.  If you plan to attend, please do the following before March 30th:

1) Send an e-mail to me at with a request to register and the name you would like used on your name tag.  Also, include the name of any guest you plan to bring.  PLEASE cc Paul Andersen (previously Tokarchuk) at so we can compare and make sure nobody’s email gets lost.

2) Send your payment of $40 per guest to Paul via e-transfer at .  Please use the recommended password HCI83.  If you have a problem with e-transfer please contact Paul or me.

In previous years we have had over 50 participants and a number of teachers attend.  Feel free to visit HERE to see photos of previous reunions.

And one more thing…if you are interested in volunteering in some small way, let me know.  You know the old saying “Many hands make light work” 😉

Please spread the word to as many Humbersiders of ‘83 or teachers for whom you still have contact info…even through their parents if possible!  Hope to see everyone in June!

Michele Reynolds

(If you don’t remember me and are looking in an old yearbook, I am not in the grade 13 yearbook because my parents dragged me to Rome part of the year…but I still managed to graduate from HCI as the Class of ‘83;)